We delve deep into your business landscape to unearth potentials, valuable opportunities and co-create innovative solutions that drive transformative growth.

Service NameDescriptionPrice (₦)
Business Process AnalysisEvaluating and improving your business processes for optimal performance.Custom Pricing
Target Audience ResearchDetailed analysis of your target audience demographics, psychographics, and online behavior.Custom Pricing
Competitive Intelligence AnalysisSWOT analysis to understand your competitors and identify market opportunities.Custom Pricing
User Experience (UX) ResearchConducting UX research, including personas and journey maps, to enhance user engagement.Custom Pricing
Customer Journey MappingMapping out the customer journey to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement.Custom Pricing
Focus GroupsFacilitating focus groups to gather qualitative insights from users.Custom Pricing
Usability TestingTesting your products with real users to identify usability issues and improvements.Custom Pricing
Ethnographic StudiesIn-depth studies of user behaviors and cultures to inform product design and strategy.Custom Pricing
Surveys and QuestionnairesDesigning and administering surveys to gather quantitative data from your audience.Custom Pricing
Brainstorm bold ideas, craft data-driven strategies, and make your brand unforgettable through strategic planning and creative vision.
Service Name Description Price (₦)
Digital Marketing Strategy Comprehensive strategy to enhance online presence, drive traffic, and increase conversions. 200,000.00 (Starting)
SEO Strategy Tailored SEO plans to improve search engine rankings and organic visibility. 200,000.00 (Starting)
Social Media Strategy Strategic planning for effective social media engagement and brand building. 200,000.00 (Starting)
Content Strategy Developing a cohesive plan for creating, publishing, and managing content to achieve goals. 200,000.00 (Starting)
Brand Strategy Crafting a strong brand identity and positioning in the market. 300,000.00 (Starting)
Technology Roadmap Planning and aligning your technology initiatives with your business goals. 300,000.00 (Starting)
Market Positioning Defining and establishing your market position to stand out from competitors. 250,000.00 (Starting)
Audience Segmentation Segmenting your audience for targeted marketing and personalized experiences. 250,000.00 (Starting)
Crisis Communication Planning Preparing and managing communication strategies for potential crises. 200,000.00 (Starting)
Gamification Strategy Designing strategies to integrate game elements into business processes for enhanced engagement. 500,000.00 (Starting)

From captivating digital products to engaging content, our meticulous attention to detail ensures flawless execution of your vision.

Service NameDescriptionPrice (₦)
One-page WebsiteA single, visually appealing page ideal for personal portfolios or small businesses.250,000.00
Basic WebsiteMulti-page website with essential features for small to medium-sized businesses.350,000.00
(Up to 5 pages)
Single Vendor/Store EcommerceFully functional ecommerce website for single vendors to sell products online.500,000.00 (Starting)
Multivendor/Store EcommerceEcommerce platform supporting multiple vendors with advanced features and management tools.850,000.00 (Starting)
Landing PageHigh-converting landing page for marketing campaigns and lead generation.100,000.00
Brand Asset DesignCustom graphic design services including marketing materials, infographics, stationery and more.100,000.00 (Starting)
Logo DesignProfessional logo creation to establish a strong brand identity.50,000.00 (Starting)
Video ProductionEnd-to-end video production services for promotional, educational, and corporate videos.600,000.00 (Starting)
AnimationCreation of engaging animations for advertisements, explainer videos, and social media.450,000.00 (Starting)
PhotographyProfessional photography services for product shoots, corporate events, and more.Custom Pricing
Blog Post WritingWriting high-quality, SEO-friendly blog posts tailored to your audience and industry.20,000.00 per Post
CopywritingCrafting compelling copy for websites, brochures, and other marketing materials.30,000.00 per Page
Email Newsletter CreationDesigning and writing effective email newsletters to engage your audience and drive action.50,000.00 per Campaign
Social Media Content CreationCreating engaging posts for various social media platforms to enhance your online presence.50,000.00 per Post
Website MaintenanceRegular updates, security checks, and performance optimization for your website.150,000.00 per Month
SEO MaintenanceContinuous SEO efforts to maintain and improve your website’s search engine rankings.70,000.00 per Month
Social Media ManagementManaging your social media accounts, including posting content and engaging with followers.60,000.00 per Month
Technical SupportProviding technical assistance and troubleshooting for your digital assets.250,000.00 per Month
Web Development TrainingComprehensive training on web development technologies and best practices.350,000.00 per Session
User Experience (UX) Design TrainingIn-depth training on UX principles, methodologies, and design techniques.250,000.00 per Session
Gamification ImplementationImplementing gamification techniques into existing systems and platforms.450,000.00 (Starting)
E-Learning Solutions
(With Gamification Option)
Developing interactive learning platforms with gamified elements to boost user engagement.500,000.00 (Starting)

We become strategic partners, collaborating closely with you throughout the entire process. Our expert guidance brings your vision to life.

Service NameDescriptionPrice (₦)
Project ManagementComprehensive project management services to ensure timely and successful project completion.Custom Pricing
Client Training & WorkshopsConducting training sessions and workshops to empower your team with the latest skills.Custom Pricing
Campaign ManagementManaging your marketing campaigns from conception to execution for optimal results.Custom Pricing
Customer Relationship ManagementImplementing and managing CRM systems to enhance customer relationships and drive sales.Custom Pricing
Feedback Collection and AnalysisGathering and analyzing customer feedback to inform business decisions and improvements.Custom Pricing
Community BuildingBuilding and nurturing online communities to foster engagement and loyalty.Custom Pricing
Reputation ManagementMonitoring and managing your online reputation to maintain a positive brand image.Custom Pricing
Security ManagementEnsuring the security of your digital assets through robust security measures and protocols.Custom Pricing
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